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Directed Choreographed and Conception by Ushio Amagatsu

Founded by Ushio Amagatsu in 1975.

In 1980 Sankai Juku was invited to perform in Europe for the first time.Sankai Juku went to Nancy International Festival in France with the firm conviction that Butoh would be accepted.

The performance was such a sensation and that the Avignon Festival invited them to perform that year as well.For the next four years,the company remained in Europe and performed in various international festival including Edinburgh International Festival,Spain Madrid International Festival and International Cervantino Festival.

Since 1982 Sankai Juku has premiered a new piece approximately once every two years at Theatre de la Ville,Paris, commissioned 17 productions;
Jomonsho (1982)

Netsu No Katachi (1984)
Unetsu (1986)
Shijima (1988)
Omote (1991)
Yuragi (1993)
Hiyomeki (1995)
Hibiki (1998)
Kagemi (2000)
Utsuri (2003)
Toki (2005)
Tobari (2008)
Kara・Mi (2010)


Sankai Juku has performed in 47 coutries and visited more than 700 cities in the world.

Awards include:
-The Japan Foundation Awards (2013)
-Grand Prix of the 6th The Asahi Performing Arts Awards(2007)
-Kirin Special Grant for Dance for "Toki" (2007)
-Best New Dance Production of the 26th Laurence Olivier Awards (2002)
-33th Japanese Dance Critic Association Prize (2001)
-Japanese Foreign Minister’s Commendation (1995)
-Grand Prix at the Belgrade International Theatre Festival (1982)
-Rose Prize by the newspaper TZ at the Munich Theatre Festival for "Kinkan Shonen"(1982)

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