Semimaru Dance Workshop 2020

Semimaru who is one of the founders of Sankai juku and also a dancer of the company
for 45 years, will have Butoh workshop in August 2020 in Toyama prefecture, Japan.
This Summer workshop has been held annually over 25 years.

This workshop consists of...
- basic Butoh exercises which Sankai juku has developed
- Semimaru will design and choreograph a show
- at the last evening Semimaru and Sankai juku dancers and you perform in front of the audience

5 or 6 Sankai juku young dancers attend this workshop
 Although you can attend partially, we recommend for you to take the whole course, training and the performance. It's a resident style workshop with 2 very simple meals per day, taking a person-on-duty system for cooking and cleaning etc. The actual trainings are around 7 hours per day (including preparation for costume and stage set etc.). We also do trainings outside and at night depending on weather conditions.
Not only professional dancers but beginners, actors or various performers, or who is just curious what is Butoh, are welcome. 
Located in the rich nature of Toyama, the workshop place is a remote and isolated among the mountains. 
Come to join us in Toyama and enjoy the beautiful summer in a rural part of Japan !



August 4 (Tue) – 10 (Mon) 2020
Guidance: August 3 (Mon) at 20:00
Workshop: August 4 (Tue) - 8 (Sat)

8:00-17:00, 5 days training
Rehearsal: August 9 (Sun)
Show: August 10 (Mon) at 19:00

(duration: 75 min)

◇Purpose: Butoh basic training and creation of a performance
◇Canditdate Age: 16- 65 / sex unquestioned
◇Workshop place:Kyosei no sato Sasagou (a public facility) 

116 Sasagawa, Asahi-town, Shimoniikawa-gun, Toyama-ken, JAPAN
  the nearest train station

“Tomari (of Toyama Prefecture)” 15 min. from the station by taxi
  ACCESS: (in Japanese)  

Tel +81-(0)765-83-3688


◇ Performance Venue: Colare (Kurobe International Cultural Center)

20,Mikkaichi, Kurobe-city, Toyama-ken (Toyama Pref.), JAPAN

Tel. +81-(0)765-57-1201

◇SEMIMARU Workshop










◇Charge (accommodation and meal included):
 all-day participation: 40,000yen (resident) / 30,000yen (not resident)
 short participation : 6,500/day (resident) / 5,000/day (not resident)
every night basically we go to a public bath house and it cost 600 yen/day(not included in the workshop charge.)

*No transportation service to/from the place.
*No interpreter. Language is not important.
How to apply
To apply for this workshop. please let us know your following information:

1) name:
2) participating dates: 
3) resident or not resident
4) e-mail:
5) sex:
6) age:
7) phone:
8) adress:

mail to:
After your application, we will send you a general description with access information
by the beginning of July.